Salvage Garden began as a backyard hobby that turned into a small business. Most of the materials were recycled or up-cycled creating cement planters using plastic containers as molds, old window shutters turned into planter boxes, and air plant hanger created from old pipes that were sold at street fairs and a small brick and mortar store. They were also featured display fixtures in Banana Republic stores across the US. Create a cohesive brand concept for a start up business 

I created a branding system including logo, labels, and signage. For the logo wordmark, the gradient green colors are accented by the typeface, Megrim, with its experimental angles and rounded curvatures. They are complimented muted earth tones, and the friendly, Recoleta typeface and cleaner san serif typeface Proxima Nova.


Salvage Garden


Founder & Creator, Identity, Branding, Logotype, Fabrication